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About the Map

New for 2009

The campus map was created with the goal of providing access to campus data and resources in an intuitive interface. We think spatially, so an interactive map was the obvious choice.

Open Source

This map was developed with mostly open-source software. The software used to present the map on the web is all open-source, and the geographic data was edited in ArcGIS.

The four pieces of software that we use are:

  • Mapnik: to graphically render the raw spatial data
  • Tilecache: to speed up the user interface by caching the tiles rendered by Mapnik
  • OpenLayers: a javascript library created the user interface
  • Proj.4: a cartographic projections library

To get an idea for the process we went through from raw geographic data to the finished product, check out our powerpoint presentation:

Spatial Reference Information


  • Projection: Montana State Plane
  • Datum: WGS 1984

Web-based map:

  • Projection: UTM Zone 12 North
  • Datum: WGS 1984

Accessing the data

We have provided a couple of hooks that you can use to access our data

  2. Hall

This functionality is called GEORSS. You can either provide a comma separated list of building codes (example 1) or you can provide a search term (example 2).

WebGIS Staff

  • Dr. Loey Knapp - Project Manager & Production Support
  • Jamie Robertson - UI Design and Senior GIS Specialist
  • Nick Shontz - Web Developer
  • Zak Pulliam - GIS Specialist

Print Maps

Printed Map

Using the rendering engine called Mapnik, we are able to produce high quality print maps as well as web maps. Take a look at this example. We are able to produce maps with any of the layer options overlayed on top of the base map.


A big thank you to the following people who generously donated their photos of campus for the map.

  • Brian Johnson
  • Clinton Meyer
  • Cody Schliebe
  • Curt Deatherage
  • Dan Bowling
  • Hilary Brooke
  • Jennie Burroughs
  • Justin Whitaker
  • Kate Zoellner
  • Katie Brady
  • Mandi Millan
  • Pavel Pavlin
  • Rebecca Schmitz
  • Samuel Bernof
  • Stacy DeBusk
  • Gordy Pace

Data Accuracy:

We try our best to maintain the accuracy of the data on the map. If you see something wrong, please let us know via the Feedback Form.

If you are part of the campus community and would like to have continued access to maintain map data, please send an email to

Parking Map:

Parking spot counts are subject to change.