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Accessible Access

The VETS Office is located at 1000 Beckwith Ave. at the southeastern corner of the UM campus. It a split-level ranch home that has been converted to offices and meeting rooms. Access to lower level only.

Accessible Entrance:
The front (west) entrance of the building is accessible and has a ramp with a door and accessible opener.

An additional accessible entrance is located on the south side of the center may be difficult without assistance. To access the entrance, pull the rope that dangles from the fence that defines the south side of the property. This opens the latch of the gate.

After passing through the gate, take a sharp left to approach the door to the building. The door has a levered handle but is generally locked. Calling the Center ahead of time may assure that the entrance unlocked and that assistance is available if necessary.


Fire Sprinklers:

Areas of Rescue Assistance:

Accessible Restrooms:
Located on the lower level.

There is accessible parking at the site.