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Wireless service is available in the entire School of Law building.


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The University of Montana School of Law offers an alternative to big, urban law schools.

Each year, we enroll approximately 84 students from across the country looking for a hands-on approach to legal education, where students and faculty work closely inside and outside of class.

The atmosphere is enhanced by the surrounding Rocky Mountains, where wilderness and recreation offer a break from the rigors of law study.


Building Floor Plans:


*Construction Notice*
Due to the ongoing Education building construction, accessible parking spaces near the construction area have been altered. These spaces include the north side of the Liberal Arts building. Read more on the Disability Services' parking page

Built 1962, 2009

The Law Building is located on the north edge of campus between South 5th Street and Eddy Avenue and between Curry Health Center to the west, and the Performing Arts and Radio/Television Center to the east.

The Law Building is a three-level facility that has expanded and remodeled to provide some needed space and accessibility.

Accessible Entrance:
The accessible entrances are located on the south, west and east sides of the building. These entrances are equipped with push button automatic doors on both the exterior and interior vestibule doors.

The elevator is located at the south entrance. There is also an elevator, located in the back of the Law Library, provides access to the Castel Center located in the lower level of the building.

Fire Sprinklers:
Fully sprinkled

Areas of Rescue Assistance:
Located in the North East and South West stairwells of the uppers levels.

Accessible Restrooms:
Accessible restrooms are located on every floor.

Accessible parking spaces are provided on the south side of the building on Eddy Street. There are also accessible spaces located in the Adams Center parking lot.

The south-bound path of travel from the Castels Center to the student lounge has a small flight of stairs. A wheelchair lift was also installed, however, this lift requires continual pressure to operate.