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Map Charles H. Clapp Building


Wireless service is available on the third and fourth floors of the Charles H. Clapp building.


  • Charles H. Clapp Building
  • Charles H. Clapp Building



Built 1971

The Science Complex is located near the southeast corner of campus. Various science departments use this five-story facility. The building consists of two square blocks sharing an exterior center walk way. Various science departments use this five-story facility.

Accessible Entrance:
Accessible entrances are located in the center walkway.

The first doorway on the east side of the walkway has an automatic opener and provides access to the first level of the east block. The east block has stairway access only to the upper levels.

Accessible entrance to the west block is located on the second set of door. This door is equipped with an automatic door opener.

One elevator serves The Science Complex, which is located on the left through the second entrance to the west block. This is a very large elevator and it is slow to respond. The elevator provides access to the upper levels of both blocks. The upper levels are configured with rooms on either side of the hallways with a central hallway running north to south in the center of the building.

Fire Sprinklers:

Areas of Rescue Assistance:
None identified.

Accessible Restrooms:
There are no restrooms located on the first floor of either block.