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Wireless service is available in the east side of the 3rd floor of Brantly Hall and in the President's Room on the 1st floor.


  • Brantly Hall
  • Brantly Hall


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Building Floor Plans:


Built 1923

In 1956, Brantly Hall was connected to Corbin Hall by an addition, North Corbin Hall. The connecting of Corbin and Brantly formed an "L". Brantly Hall runs east to west and connects to North Corbin at the north end of Corbin. This addition provided an additional accessible route to Brantly Hall through the North Corbin basement entrance.

Accessible Entrance:
The main accessible entrance to Brantly Hall is located where the building joins North Corbin at the southwest corner of Brantly. This basement entrance is ramped and is equipped with an automatic opener. The southwest entrance of Brantly Hall is also accessible and equipped with an automatic door opener.

Brantly Hall and Corbin Hall are both served by one elevator. The elevator serves all levels of the building. The elevator is located to the left after entering the southwest entrance.

If you enter through the west entrance, the elevator is located on the right, midway down the hall.

Fire Sprinklers:

Areas of Rescue Assistance:
Areas of rescue assistance are located in the space adjacent to the elevator on all levels.

Accessible Restrooms:
Accessible restrooms are located on all floors.

Closest accessible parking is located in Lot K1 and on the east side of the building in the lot between Fine Arts and Brantly Hall.

The stairways in Brantly Hall are steep and handrails are non-compliant. Floors can be slippery if wet.

The area surrounding the elevator in the basement is a landing for the stairway. Use caution, as there are three stairs leading down to a storage area to the left of the elevator entrance.