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Wireless service is available on all floors of the Fine Arts building.

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Main Campus


  • Fine Arts Building


The Fine Arts Building is located north of the Liberal Arts building.


Building Floor Plans:


Built: 1956

The Fine Arts Building is located north of the Liberal Arts building.

Accessible Entrance:
The accessible entrance is located behind and under the outside staircase on the south side of the building. This entrance can be accessed from either the east or west. The door is equipped with an automatic door. This entrance leads to an interior lift that navigates the two stairs to the lower level. The lift requires that one be able to open and close the gate as well as push to operate the lift.

The elevator is located on the lower level to the left of the main stairway. Check the operating controls. It provides access to all levels of the building.

Fire Sprinklers:
Partially sprinkled

Areas of Rescue Assistance:

Accessible Restrooms:
Located on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Accessible parking is located in the small lot located off Connell Avenue just west of the Fine Arts building. There is also accessible parking located to the east of the building, which is access by the driveway off Eddy Avenue.

Porch Lift may require assistance to operate. Stairway handrails are non-compliant.