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  • Flight

    By: Steve Connell, 1996Materials: steel with copper paint patina

  • Gallery of Visual Arts

    Various works, visiting exhibits.

  • Bench

    By: David SecrestMaterials: fabricated steel

  • Grizz

    By: Rudy Autio, 1956Materials: Bronze

  • UC Art Gallery

    Various works, visiting exhibits. Hours: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday For more information, visit the UC Gallery page.

  • Untitled

    By: Michael Osborne, 1990Materials: Ceramic

  • Signal

    By: Rudy Autio, 1966Materials: concrete, ceramic

  • Untitled Ceramic Vessels

    By: David PledgeMaterials: ceramic

  • Bulletin Board

    By: Robert Davis, 1974-75Materials: welded steel

  • Teepee Burner

    By: John Vichorek, 1974, restored 2006Materials: welded steel

  • Noah Releasing the Raven

    By: George Wallace, 1984Materials: corton steel

  • Persistence

    By: Theodore Waddell, 1976Materials: brushed stainless steel

  • Flight Column

    By: Robert Gehrke, 1996Materials: steel

  • Infrastructure

    By: David SecrestMaterials: wrought steel with pattern, welded exfoliated surfaces

  • Charging Forward

    By: Jay Laber, 2002Materials: metal (car parts)

  • Paxson Gallery

    Montana Museum of Art & Culture - x2019

  • Meloy Gallery

    Montana Museum of Art & Culture - x2019