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Wireless service is available in the south basement of Corbin Hall.


  • Corbin Hall



Built 1927

The University constructed and used Corbin Hall as a women's dormitory until 1986. Corbin Hall now houses office for various departments. North Corbin Hall, built in 1956, connects Corbin and Brantly halls.

Accessible Entrance:
The northwest entrance to the basement of Corbin Hall also provides entrance to Brantly Hall. This entrance consists of a ramp and automatic door.

The northwest entrance opens to a hallway. The elevator is straight ahead, on the right, across from the fourth office on the left. The area surrounding the elevator entrance is a landing for the stairway. Use caution, as there is a three-step drop to a storage area to the left of the elevator entrance.

Fire Sprinklers:

Areas of Rescue Assistance:

Areas of rescue assistance are located in the space adjacent to the elevator on all floors.

Accessible Restrooms:

An accessible unisex restroom is on the basement floor. Because the door does not lock, signs on the door can be set by the user to indicate if the facility is occupied, and by which sex.

The closest accessible parking is located in Lot K1, which is on the west side of the building.

This older building has non-compliant stair railings. Caution is advised in the basement area regarding the stairs located to the left of the elevator that lead to the storage area.