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Full wireless access is available in Jesse Hall.


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Jesse Hall was built in 1967. Dr. Richard H. Jesse, a stickler for academic success, was the first dean of men. Jesse Hall is named in his honor.  Jesse is an 11 story building housing 394 students.



Partially Accessible

Accessible Entrance:
The accessible entrances to Jesse Hall are located on the east and south sides of the building.

Elevators are located to the left after entering at the south entrance.

Fire Sprinklers:
Fully sprinkled

Areas of Rescue Assistance:
The building is fully sprinkled.

Accessible Restrooms:
Accessible restrooms are located on the first floor. This restroom is kept locked and is restricted to resident use only.

Parking is provided in Lot J, which is located to the south of Jesse between the dormitory and the University Center.

This building does not provided accessible restrooms above the 1st floor.