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Map Don Anderson Hall


Wireless service is available on all floors of Anderson Hall.


  • Don Anderson Hall
  • Don Anderson Hall



Built 2007

The Don Anderson Hall is located on the north axis of the oval. This building houses the School of Journalism.

Accessible Entrance:
Accessible entrances to the building are located on the west and south sides of the facility. All of the entrances are equipped with automatic door openers.

The elevator services all level of the building. The elevator is located directly ahead as one enters the west main accessible entrance.

Fire Sprinklers:
Fully sprinkled.

Areas of Rescue Assistance:
Areas of rescue assistance are located on all levels of the building. They are located just outside of the east stairwells.

Accessible Restrooms:
Accessible restrooms are located on all levels.

The closest accessible parking is located in the lot north of the Liberal Arts building. There is also accessible parking located to the northeast of the Social Science building.