Accessible Navigation.

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Curry Health Center is the primary health care provider for the students of the University of Montana.


Building Floor Plan:


Built 1969

Accessible Entrance:
Accessible entrances are located at the west and south central (Main) entrances. Both entrances provide immediate access to elevators. There is also an accessible entrance in the rear of the building that provides access to an elevator. The west entrance is the after-hours emergency entrance.

Three elevators service the building. They are located on the west, north and Main entrances.

Fire Sprinklers:
Fully sprinkled

Areas of Rescue Assistance:
In the lower level the area of rescue assistance is located directly in front of the Main entrance elevator. There are also areas of rescue assistance located in the stairwells of the northeast and southeast stairs. The waiting area of the first level is the designated area of rescue assistance for that area.

Accessible Restrooms:
Located on all levels.

Accessible parking is located in the lot at the west entrance. There is also accessible parking on Eddy Street and Maurice Avenue.

The building has had several additions over the years and it is best to know what entrance will provide access to the program that you seeking. There are good floor plans that will assist one in navigating the building.